About the Author
​           Jennifer Arntson

First, tell us about yourself.
Well, let me start by saying the thought that you'd care enough to find out about me makes my heart smile. I'm pretty average, really. I'm a writer, a dreamer, and storyteller and in real life, I have the privilege of being a wife and mother of two children in Washington State. 

Where did you come up with the Scavenger Girl Series?
It started as a dream that I couldn't get out of my head. You know the kind I'm talking about; it's the story you wished you had dreamed a little bit longer, but you woke up too soon. It's the story you wanted to finish but never got the chance. That was what Una was to me; I couldn't shake her from my thoughts. In the brief time that I knew her, I instantly cared about her. I had to finish her story and to do so I had to start at the beginning.

When will the complete series be available?
The entire series is complete but are in various stages of editing and proofreading.

Why did you write them all at one time?
My husband was afraid I wouldn't finish if I took a break. (He's a smart man!) Now that they're all done, I'm thankful that I can keep the story true to itself, even if there are minor changes that need to be made during revisions. Una has a story to tell. It's hers to tell and now it's my responsibility as the author to make it presentable.

So, he was your motivator?
Actually, my mom was my motivator. When I started writing, I didn't want to show my husband for fear he'd think I was silly. Once I had the first 30-pages done, I emailed them to my mom and asked her to read them. I told her that all I wanted to know was if she would want to read more. I figured if she couldn't be captivated by then, it wasn't worth the effort to keep writing.

I'm guessing she wanted to read more?
Yes! In fact, I'd send her each chapter as it was completed. There were many times she'd call me demanding the next chapter only to be told there was none! She was the fuel that kept the engine running!
 Is there any advice you'd give to aspiring authors?
The writing is the easy part! Don't be afraid to let other people see your work, and make sure to ask them for their input. You cannot advocate for your work once it is in the hands of a reader. Your network will be the best part of your book and will end up a truly wonderful story if you let it. 

Is there anything else you wanted to add?
I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to this body of work. There's no way I could have made it this far without each and every one of you. I have the most wonderful team imaginable, and that includes my editors, my beta readers, everyone who listened to me prattle on about the story, the fans, and the followers. All of this is because of you. That is something I'm not soon to forget! Thank you for joining me on the journey to Ashlund.